Blog Every Day of June

Alright. Why not. Let’s do it!

I’ve had this blog sitting here unused for 2 years apparently, so why not join my other favourite library bloggers in the quest to post every day of June?

Having looked at my June calendar I know that this might be impossible, so I can’t guarantee that I’m going to write about anything too deep and meaningful, and not even much about libraries. I’m also going to be blogging for ALIA Sydney just to keep me busy.

So, why multifarious librarian? I suppose I was trying to think of a word that somehow manages to capture how I feel about myself as a librarian. I am interested in such varied aspects of the industry, my experiences are quite diverse, and as a person there are many sides to me. No doubt this blog will be rather multifarious as well!

Perhaps now you have learnt a new word today as well.

Wish me luck, give me feedback, and please don’t judge me too harshy.


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