Well… almost every day

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

June just happened to start in a week where I have barely been at my desk. I can’t even seem to work out why. I think I’ve had meeting, meeting, meeting, training, meeting, meeting, lunch, meeting. In between that I’ve tried to do some cataloguing (crazy, right??). I’m also still adjusting to some newish medication, the weather has been chaotic, I’ve had terrible PMS. and then last night I went to the hairdresser and had a night of complete technological fail.

One of my friends has gone overseas for 10 weeks and he was going to have someone stay in his apartment but that fell through, so he thought I might like the keys and have somewhere to escape to now and then. Escape from my housemate who is rarely home, that is. So now I have a bachelor pad in Glebe to call my own for 10 weeks when I fancy a change of scenery.

I got there last night after I had my hair done, fully intending to write a blog post. There was a note for me with instructions for everything in the apartment… excellent. Except, of course, nothing went to plan. The internet connection wouldn’t work on the ‘guest’ account and I didn’t have the password for the other account. There is wifi, but I didn’t take my laptop. It’s not a Mac so I couldn’t use Airport. So.. no blog writing.

(Well, really I could have typed one up on my iPhone, but I already suspect I’m getting RSI so I’d rather not push it…)

Instead I thought I’d watch a movie. Niiiice biiiig tv. I managed to switch it on (yay!) and turn on the xbox (yay!) and then I got stuck. I thought it would be so simple – I mean it even had my name up there on the screen, with a pretty dancing girl! I would have been less stuck if I’d read further on in the instructions. It’s been a LONG time since I played with an xbox. I saw a controller that I recognised and sat there trying to get to the videos folder. Nothing happened. I pressed all the buttons, toggled all the toggles. Nothing happened. I threw a tantrum. Eventually I discovered ANOTHER remote – an XBOX remote – and realised I was meant to be using THAT. Smart move, genius.

OK, great. Time for movies. Or not. I managed to get to the folder but when I tried to select the next folder apparently I didn’t have a network connection. WHAT?! I need a network connection?? Oh ffs. I could see that the modem was on. It was flashing at me. I went over and turned it off and back on again. I logged out of ‘me’ on the xbox. I logged back in. I tried it all again. No luck.

I repeated the process, turning the modem off for longer this time. THIS time it worked. I managed to get the movies folder up at long last. After all the stress I thought I’d reward myself with some nice soothing Poirot. Ahh. But no. No no no. NOW I needed something upgraded to be able to play the movie… oh god…

And so it went on.

Really, I did nothing but fight with technology for over an hour before I went to bed. In hindsight I find it amusing that this all happened the day after I blogged over at ALIA Sydney about how I enjoyed playing with new technologies etc. Perhaps I should qualify that with a *not after a really long day, a bad week, and when I’m tired, getting sick, and feeling sorry for myself.

So there you have it. I’ve managed to make this blog post a long excuse about why I didn’t write yesterday’s blog post.

Perhaps I am a genius after all.



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