Bad moods

I’m not sure why but I’ve been in a bad mood for …maybe a month now? People around me would probably have a better idea I suppose. I’m not sure what it is but I’ve been blaming my hormones, the weather, being tired, lots of work, having a lot on, etc. It’s really starting to get to me though. I’m not just cranky, I feel run down and just generally blah.

I started on new medication around the same time but I honestly don’t think it’s that. If anything I think that has stopped me feeling worse and remarkably has helped improve my sleep. Or rather has improved my ability to start developing a proper sleep cycle. Perhaps I’m cranky from a lack of sleeping in?

I know that I need to be doing more exercise and I also know that I will feel better when I do. Today I have given myself a leave pass (you say excuse) because I have cramps, and throwing those in with the bad mood, the tired, nausea, just really isn’t the best combination for going to the gym. It’s also freezing outside.

Tomorrow I’m starting a weekly Thursday lunch time walk with 2 (or 3) of my work friends. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but on Mondays they have yoga, on Wednesdays one girl is away, and most days we usually only take half an hour for lunch. We’re going to do the City2Surf and the 9km Bridge Run (in September) and, since we all live in completely different parts of Sydney, this is our main chance to do some training together. So we’ll start out tomorrow with a walk around the Botanic Gardens and the Domain and build up our speed as we approach August and September. Of course we’ll be doing our own training too, but it’s hard when we want to do these events together and there don’t seem to be any other opportunities to get together these days.

Where does time go? It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that 4 of us would have lunch in the Domain every day. Usually only half an hour, sometimes longer if it was a nice day. On Fridays we’d go somewhere for a longer lunch. For weeks now we’ve been all over the place. Meetings, appointments, training, out of the office, overseas… it seems rare to have a day when our work group will all get together, and even more unusual that it will be on a Friday when we can all go somewhere and eat something more exciting than tuna and crackers.

Maybe this is part of my mood as well? Not just my life being rather disjointed lately, but the lives of people around me as well. I’ve always been quite perceptive of other people’s moods and emotions so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m picking up on some chaos around me.

Hopefully things will settle down soon and everyone is just having a change of the seasons blah fest. From the state of things on the twitters, at least it seems I’m not the only one.


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