One party down

The marvels of technology mean that I’ve come home from dinner and am writing this on my iphone in bed. I hope it works. This will be very short because it’s almost tomorrow, and also my normal keyboard functions aren’t working so this isn’t very easy now that I’m tired.

It’s finally the long weekend. I managed to get out of work about 6:45pm and went to dinner at The Prophet at Surry Hills. This was to celebrate my friend’s 30th and there were about 35 people there.

I decided not to drink because I’ve been so stressed and tired, and tonight heralded the start of a weekend of birthdays. If I was going to drink I’d really just have to go hard all weekend, and I just don’t have the time for recovering. Oh I’m so OOOLLLDDD.

Tomorrow is a combined 30th with a 90s theme. I STILL don’t have constume but perhaps Enmore Rd will come to the rescue tomorrow morning. Really, I’m sure most of what I see people wearing every day now is terrible 90s clothes anyway.

Sunday is another 30th. An afternoon session at the Norfolk, which has suddenly just become so uber hip. So I can’t be so drunk on Saturday night that I don’t make it to Sunday, and Sunday at least there is Monday to recover.

I’m glad that my birthday is later in the month or I don’t think we could fit it all in.

Well I’m off to sleep while my friends are no doubt still out boozing.

Enjoy your long weekends. Thanks Queenie.


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