Bad famous

There’s good famous and then there’s bad famous. I’m not necessarily talking infamous, just when things you don’t necessarily want to be famous (for your own reasons) do become famous.

For ages friends have been lamenting the lack of Melbourne-style bars in Sydney. Now some are starting to crop up and the situation is improving, and of course everyone wants to check them out. Fine. Good. You can’t be too selfish and keep them all to yourself, and it is handy when bloggers write up bars on places like Bar Zine for when you’re stumped for somewhere to go. But when all the places you like to go to end up listed in the Sydney Morning Herald they suddenly seem ruined.

Since I moved to the Inner West I’ve had the good fortune of being super close to Coffee Alchemy on Addison Road. This place is brilliant. The coffee is AMAZING. It’s so good that they don’t need to be fancy and serve food, and grande hazelnut flavoured skim chai lattes. They just serve coffee. Now being so fantastic they’re always super busy, and this is great, I want these guys to do well. But to my horror I got to work today to find a story on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald naming my favourite coffee den as a 3-coffee cup winner in the 2011 Good Cafe Guide.

I am elated for the Coffee Alchemy gang, and excited that I knew the coffee there was good (I KNEW it), but I’m also horrified about how long I am now going to have to queue for my coffee. Still, anyone who loves their coffee enough to come to Addison Road is, I suppose, worthy, and I shall just have to accept them.

Next on the [being selfish] bad famous, my hairdresser. If you have never been to Stevie English Hair in Glebe then I suggest you stop what you’re doing and make an appointment. They are brilliant. Who else would I trust to make my hair purple??

I mean, that’s not to say that you need to dye your hair purple, but if perhaps you’d like to… Well anyway, the gang can do anything you like and it’s no drama. Also (and more importantly) they have wine.

Now I love everyone at Stevie English, especially Stevie himself, of course. But you’re probably all used to having this problem yourselves that you have a hairdresser you like and then have trouble getting an appointment, yes? Well not only did an article appear in the Daily Tele last week, but the guys also appeared on Sunrise on Sunday. NOW how am I going to get an appointment? Sheesh!

Of course, here I am telling you about both of these places (and no, I’m not being paid), but I figure since people have already gone and put it out there… And YES I KNOW I AM BEING GREEDY BUT THEY’RE MINE, ALL MINE.

But on a serious note. Bad famous. Perhaps bordering on infamous. Reasons why you don’t want to see your neighbourhood on TV…

This morning as I was headed to work I noticed that one of the nearby streets was closed at both ends by Police. Something was going down and to be honest I thought it was probably a drug bust. As my bus went up Enmore Road an unmarked car came flying past with sirens. About the same time I saw someone tweet about a riot vehicle in Alexandria. I suspected they were all related.

It wasn’t until I was on my way home from work that I checked my phone again and found a message from a friend who lives in that street.. apparently it was in the Daily Telegraph. I came home to more information via twitter and to watch the news and discover there had been a siege, ending with the suspect shooting himself (fatally) in the head. In some of the news footage when they zoomed out I could see my apartment. It was pretty disturbing. A very tragic end.

Since I’ve lived in Marrickville (so about 6 months) there have been at least 2 shootings that having made the news and I’ve heard about.

When it comes down to it, if my neighbourhood is going to make it to the front page of the paper I’d rather it be for the coffee than for a fatal shooting.


4 thoughts on “Bad famous

  1. There’s definitely been a lot more people in Alchemy (and dare I say, more from the yuppy set), since they made the front page of the SMH the other day.

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