5 Books

I have to apologise, I’m not sure where this meme started this time around. Was it @flexnib? I’m blogging from my iPhone so I figured this would be an easier post for tonight.

1. The book I’m currently reading:
Well, more than one actually.

Last night I started Junky by William S. Burroughs. So far so good.

I’m also reading two non-fiction books while I toss around uni ideas. One is The Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter & Allison H. Fine, and the other is Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture, by Karen Sternheimer.

2. The last book I finished:
Why is this so hard? I’m sure I only just finished something the other day.

The GoodReads app never puts things in the right order.

I THINK maybe it was Disgrace, by J. M. Coetzee.

3. The next book I want to read:
Moab is my Washpot, the Stephen Fry memoir, sitting in my bookcase.

4. The last book I bought:
Henry Hazlitt – Economics in one lesson

5. The last book I was given:
A very good question. Has anyone given me a book since Christmas? Errrr. Possibly it was The Stone-Cutter, by Camilla Läckberg.

So a bit of a mix there. Should I also include the IKEA catalogue in my currently reading?


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