Day 24 – 25

So I skipped another day (quiet you).

I had yesterday off work and probably should have had plenty of time to write, but you know when you think you have plenty of time you usually end up running late… So I slept in and then cleaned the house a bit and then I had to drive to my parents’ house. I went to the optometrist which I always quite enjoy because I love my optometrist’s accent and there is usually nothing wrong with my eyes so it’s fun. I wasn’t surprised to discover that my sight has got a little worse and I am getting new glasses again. I have had these for at least 2 years now, and I think last time I went I probably could have done with stronger lenses but we decided I would survive. Now I have found myself starting to squint and I really noticed at the last concert I went to that things were going downhill.

Choosing glasses when you’re not wearing contacts is the worst. I think the ones I chose were ok. Almost the same as my current ones. The same shape, but a little deeper, a slightly different colour, and I think the arms were a little wider too. I’d like to be able to wear darker, more Librarian-y glasses but they make me look like an idiot. Or a hipster. Terrible.

Since my optometrist also loves my eyes he took a couple of pictures of them using his fancypants machines. I’ll let you have a look and you can check out my pretty iris:

After getting my eyes all sorted we did the family birthday thing for me. It’s not my birthday till Sunday, but since I was in the neighbourhood it made sense to do it then. We just went to a local-ish restaurant that I’d been to, and my mother had been to, but not for quite awhile. It was… er… well, not great. My mum had booked, and they did have a table for us, but when we turned up they seemed most put out that we were there. They took us over to this tiny booth and we spent the whole night feeling hemmed in. I’m glad I was’t wearing a super expensive jacket since it spent the whole night on the floor under the table because there was nowhere else for it to go. They brought us menus and didn’t come back for ages, not even to offer drinks.

Everything felt super rushed, wine got spilled, the “king prawns” my dad ordered must have been recently hatched babies, the mains arrived  almost before we’d finished our entrees, my father’s main was laughably small, and my brother and I had the steak.. ah the steak.. I asked for medium rare and my brother asked for medium. Mine wasn’t MR, and it was tough. My bro’s wasn’t M and he should’ve sent it back. It was terrible. Really should have, but he wouldn’t make a fuss. Later the people at the next table DID send their steak back. I felt really bad that my parents paid for this meal that was really quite terrible. And then they left a tip.

It was nice to see my family though. I don’t see my brother nearly enough and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because he lives over the bridge. Also he is always super busy it seems.

I got some lovely presents and I have now finally joined the ranks of e-book owners with a Kindle. Hooray! If I have time this afternoon I’ll start loading some books on there. And start going back over all the articles I saved about kindles.

The rest of today involves getting out of my pjs, driving back to my house, finishing cleaning my room, changing my sheets, making sure I have food in the house, and then getting ready for bday drinks. It’s a lovely sunny wintery day.


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