One, two, skip a few…

…ninety-nine, one hundred!

June is almost over and this means I’ve survived my first month of blogging, even if I haven’t managed to blog every day. So what have I been up to? Well, the weekend was fun. I had my birthday drinks on Saturday night at Corridor in Newtown with quite a few friends. We had the very top, lounge area to ourselves so it was nice and warm and cosy. I seemed to have an endless supply of drinks brought to me, and think I’m now addicted to drinking brambles. So delicious. I managed to decide it was a good idea to go home (via buying a kebab, of course) when the bar closed at 12, and woke up feeling fairly alright on Sunday.

Mind you, I didn’t get out of bed till the afternoon, and that was just to move to the lounge. Eventually I headed out to drinks with some other lovely people at The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to face any more alcohol, but struggled through my first beer, ate a lamb burger, and then everything was fine again. I probably didn’t need to drink quite as many beers as I did, but then it was my actual birthday so why not.

This week has gone fairly quickly. Already Wednesday night, and although it’s not even 8pm I’m about to go to bed. I’m so so tired and I’ve come down with either a cold or the start of some hideous flu. I’ve been trying to kill it with fire. Or rather some Codral. And tea. Plenty of tea. But I think I just need an early night and hopefully it will improve by morning.

So one more day of June and then I’m set free to blog of my own accord (as if I wasn’t anyway…) and I will hopefully get on track to start talking about some more library type things.

Off to bed for sick librarians now.


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