And I’m back

It’s been a rough few weeks. I think I’m feeling more motivated but first I had to get hit by the flu and then top it off with a migraine. I spent most of last week in bed. Two days off work, most of the weekend at home, then back to work yesterday which really took it out of me again. Today I felt much better and more alive and alert and even started tweeting again. Yes, things are dire when I don’t really have anything to say on twitter.

Still on my time off I managed to do some reading on my Kindle. I seem to have adapted to the style of it and found a font size I like. I keep accidentally switching the page, and I have a cover on it but I’m not sure if I like this on or off. I’ve found a whole heap of eBooks. I won’t be running out any time soon, but I haven’t even finished the first one. I’ve been reading Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin. Given that I was working at, and made redundant from, an investment bank during the GFC it’s an interesting read. Not the best writing style (it’s terrible) but I’ll get through it.

I also scored a Google+ invite and I’ve had a bit of a play. I have mixed feelings about it so far. I don’t love it, I don’t hate it, I’m just not really sure what I’ll DO with it. I was trying to explain it to someone at work and they said it sounds like it’s combining a lot of things I use into one place. That’s the thing, I don’t WANT everything in one place. And I know google already has so much of my information but I don’t want google  to be my entire life. So for the moment I’m not sure. I can see value in many of its features and I do like the whole circles things. I just haven’t decided how *I* will use it.

Somehow time has escaped and now tomorrow after work I am having a meeting with my new lecturer to discuss what I’m going to be doing this coming semester. I’m really rather scared because I still haven’t settled on a topic and technically this semester I’m supposed to be starting my project not re-writing a proposal. So I’m hoping she can help me sort things out quickly. I have quite a strong idea of what I’m interested in doing, I’m just not sure of whether it’s a suitable area for a Masters, and how to tease it into a project. So we shall see.

Other than that I have accommodation planned for my trip to Melbourne, dinner planned for the first night, and that’s about it so far.

It’s just good to not be feeling deathly ill for a change.


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