…are the worst. I had so many plans for a productive weekend, with some play time as well, but my body had other plans.

I should have known that something was up when I was feeling not-quite-right on Friday afternoon, was in bed by 6 or 7, and asleep round 9pm. I woke up yesterday feeling like I was dying. Get up get up get up. Drink some coffee, this will go away, stop making excuses for avoiding your uni work. Water will help. Find a packet of vita-weats. Crawl back to bed. Try to take some painkillers. And then it begins. I threw up all day. About every half hour my body decided to rebel and I kept trying to force water down but my body wasn’t having any of that.

My head was pounding, my neck was aching, my back hurt. Nothing I did would make it stop. I rummaged for maxolon only to discover it was out of date. Never mind, it wouldn’t have stayed down anyway.

Drink water, throw up, heat up wheat bag, lie down, nap, wake up, drink water, throw up, heat up wheat bag, lie down, nap, wake up…

Migraine was relentless.

Finally, around 7:30 I managed to finish the packet of vita-weats I’d started about 12 hours earlier. I made a cup of sugary tea. I had a shower. I took some more painkillers and lay very still. This time it all stayed down. The pain started to subside. I drank some water. Heated wheat bag for the final time. Fell asleep.

I missed two 30th birthday parties. Today I’m missing drinks and a dinner. I have to cram all my housework, grocery shopping, and 2 days’ worth of uni work and conference paper planning into one day, while my whole being still feels weak.

If you ever find a miracle cure for migraines please let me know.


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