Today I forgot where I live

That pretty much sums up how I’m feeling today.

I left work, headed for the station, saw a 426 and thought “hey, I might catch the bus home for a change”, and got on. It took a remarkable amount of time to realise that I haven’t lived in Enmore/Marrickville for almost a year now. Anyway, I went to Newtown and then walked home from there.

Where can I get a brain transplant?

After a few things going wrong in my life lately (well, over the past 12 months actually), I’ve been trying to get involved in things again, and taking small steps to change some things in my life. There is a lot that is essentially out of my control, but for the things that I can change I’m working on some of them. Starting to write in here again is another way to keep motivated. I’m not going to write in here everyday FOREVER but while I get back into the hang on it I think it’s a good idea to try.

This past week it has felt good to just make a couple of big decisions. Things still might not pan out how I want, but I feel better for sorting things out in my head.

It was nice and somewhat amusing to have people encouraging me to write again. And thanks to @hughrundle for coming up with ideas as to where I could start with my research interests (and yes maybe I will submit an abstract to VALA – I just want to make sure I don’t overload myself and crash).

Anyway I am exhausted today and we have a house inspection tomorrow, so no great insights, wisdom, or great advances in libraries from me tonight.


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