Apologies. I had a headache all week, and today I am continuing a theme of heartbreak, so not much to write.

Yesterday I went to a birthday during the day at Nutcote, May Gibbs’ house. It was a great day with great people, great catering, and a great view, but with this headache that I couldn’t shake I left at about 4:30. It’s pretty amazing that her “cottage” (I am sure it’s bigger than this house) is in such good condition. The birthday girl volunteers and takes tours of the house once a month, so we explored but then she gave us quite a good tour as well.

Entirely by chance I knew the people doing the catering, so it was like catching up with two groups of people in one day.

I crashed after a ferry and train ride home. Painkillers and a heat pack – I couldn’t even make it to the shower. Sadly this meant that I couldn’t make it to an engagement party and I feel terrible about that. Sometimes I wish that someone could just cut off my head.

Finally I felt better this morning so I dragged myself out of bed and went and ate dumplings with one of my friends. By dumplings I mean we had those, and an eggplant dish, and some szechuan-style chilli chicken, and a bottle of wine. I am still dying from full. 

So really it was a pretty quiet weekend. My head and heart feel like they’ve been dumped at the beach so I’m going to head to bed early. Hopefully back to some better blogging tomorrow. 


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