I’m not sure why I’ve been thinking about this lately, but it keeps popping up in my head. Perhaps because at work they have a ‘Friday Five’ where they pick someone each week and ask them 5 questions and stick them up on the intranet. Usually at least one of these questions is about a favourite something.

I don’t have favourite things. Well, not really. I have some almost favourites, and some old favourites, and some things that I prefer over others, but I don’t have favourites.

This bothers me.

I always give a different answer when people ask what my favourite movie is, or favourite song, or book, or author, hobby, activity, thing to do on the weekend, restaurant, saying, philosopher, mentor, colour, food, drink, animal, city, suit designer, website, social media app, brand of mascara, name for a cat.

Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Does it matter?

The problem (?) is that the things I like (or dislike) vary so much depending on my moods. And my moods vary so much. And my moods can be influenced so much by some of these things. Movies, books, music in particular.

I wish, though, that I had favourite things. I wish that I had certain things that I was passionate about. A grand hobby. A quest for the perfect gelato or wine or first edition novel or kitsch homewares. And I think that this translates into my quest for the perfect job as well because I like so many different things and I am quite good at a lot of things, but I can’t pinpoint the JUST ONE THING that I am REALLY good at or REALLY interested in.

Are people supposed to have favourites? Does everyone else have a grand passion for something in their lives? Do you all have dreams about what you would be doing if you could be anything, ANYTHING at all?

How do I find that one thing?


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