Ice Skating

Last night was our first ice skating lesson. I tried to write this post last night when I got home, still excited but totally exhausted, but the internet just wouldn’t connect on my computer.

It was pretty awesomely exciting. Our instructor’s name is Slav, and he has been a skating champion from Russia, as well as training a host of champions. Now he is training us and what a challenge we are.

Sadly this is the only photo that I took – I think next week I will try to get a picture of all the signs at the rink that essentially say NO FUN (but including ‘no photos’):


The class itself only goes for half an hour but it moves at a really fast pace. There is no waiting for anyone to keep up, we all just keep moving. So we started off with little steps and just moving forward, and by the end of the class we could turn, and skate out and in, and we could fall over and get up again. Kinda. Once one person had fallen he made us ALL fall onto the ice so he could show us how to get up again. For some reason I really struggled to get back up so I need to work on that or just never fallen again.

After the class we did some free skating and for awhile I felt my old skating rhythm coming back, but the more tired I got the worse my style was getting and then I just couldn’t face any more. I think I have some pretty bad habits and I noticed that I really only properly push off with my left leg, but maybe with the classes making us take little steps I will be able to learn to use my right one finally.

After a stuff up with the trains once I got to the city, I didn’t get home till really late so I was completely exhausted by the time I collapsed into bed. So I love ice skating but these are going to be some very long Mondays. Still, I can’t wait for next week!


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