One, two, skip a few…

…ninety-nine, one hundred!

June is almost over and this means I’ve survived my first month of blogging, even if I haven’t managed to blog every day. So what have I been up to? Well, the weekend was fun. I had my birthday drinks on Saturday night at Corridor in Newtown with quite a few friends. We had the very top, lounge area to ourselves so it was nice and warm and cosy. I seemed to have an endless supply of drinks brought to me, and think I’m now addicted to drinking brambles. So delicious. I managed to decide it was a good idea to go home (via buying a kebab, of course) when the bar closed at 12, and woke up feeling fairly alright on Sunday.

Mind you, I didn’t get out of bed till the afternoon, and that was just to move to the lounge. Eventually I headed out to drinks with some other lovely people at The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to face any more alcohol, but struggled through my first beer, ate a lamb burger, and then everything was fine again. I probably didn’t need to drink quite as many beers as I did, but then it was my actual birthday so why not.

This week has gone fairly quickly. Already Wednesday night, and although it’s not even 8pm I’m about to go to bed. I’m so so tired and I’ve come down with either a cold or the start of some hideous flu. I’ve been trying to kill it with fire. Or rather some Codral. And tea. Plenty of tea. But I think I just need an early night and hopefully it will improve by morning.

So one more day of June and then I’m set free to blog of my own accord (as if I wasn’t anyway…) and I will hopefully get on track to start talking about some more library type things.

Off to bed for sick librarians now.


Day 24 – 25

So I skipped another day (quiet you).

I had yesterday off work and probably should have had plenty of time to write, but you know when you think you have plenty of time you usually end up running late… So I slept in and then cleaned the house a bit and then I had to drive to my parents’ house. I went to the optometrist which I always quite enjoy because I love my optometrist’s accent and there is usually nothing wrong with my eyes so it’s fun. I wasn’t surprised to discover that my sight has got a little worse and I am getting new glasses again. I have had these for at least 2 years now, and I think last time I went I probably could have done with stronger lenses but we decided I would survive. Now I have found myself starting to squint and I really noticed at the last concert I went to that things were going downhill.

Choosing glasses when you’re not wearing contacts is the worst. I think the ones I chose were ok. Almost the same as my current ones. The same shape, but a little deeper, a slightly different colour, and I think the arms were a little wider too. I’d like to be able to wear darker, more Librarian-y glasses but they make me look like an idiot. Or a hipster. Terrible.

Since my optometrist also loves my eyes he took a couple of pictures of them using his fancypants machines. I’ll let you have a look and you can check out my pretty iris:

After getting my eyes all sorted we did the family birthday thing for me. It’s not my birthday till Sunday, but since I was in the neighbourhood it made sense to do it then. We just went to a local-ish restaurant that I’d been to, and my mother had been to, but not for quite awhile. It was… er… well, not great. My mum had booked, and they did have a table for us, but when we turned up they seemed most put out that we were there. They took us over to this tiny booth and we spent the whole night feeling hemmed in. I’m glad I was’t wearing a super expensive jacket since it spent the whole night on the floor under the table because there was nowhere else for it to go. They brought us menus and didn’t come back for ages, not even to offer drinks.

Everything felt super rushed, wine got spilled, the “king prawns” my dad ordered must have been recently hatched babies, the mains arrived  almost before we’d finished our entrees, my father’s main was laughably small, and my brother and I had the steak.. ah the steak.. I asked for medium rare and my brother asked for medium. Mine wasn’t MR, and it was tough. My bro’s wasn’t M and he should’ve sent it back. It was terrible. Really should have, but he wouldn’t make a fuss. Later the people at the next table DID send their steak back. I felt really bad that my parents paid for this meal that was really quite terrible. And then they left a tip.

It was nice to see my family though. I don’t see my brother nearly enough and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because he lives over the bridge. Also he is always super busy it seems.

I got some lovely presents and I have now finally joined the ranks of e-book owners with a Kindle. Hooray! If I have time this afternoon I’ll start loading some books on there. And start going back over all the articles I saved about kindles.

The rest of today involves getting out of my pjs, driving back to my house, finishing cleaning my room, changing my sheets, making sure I have food in the house, and then getting ready for bday drinks. It’s a lovely sunny wintery day.

Another meme

Thanks to flexnib for saving me with something easy to post…

A. Age: AHA! I am 29 for a few more days
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: All of them. Particularly ironing. I never do it.
D. Dogs: Beagles. I don’t have any though.
E. Essential start to your day: Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee
F. Favourite colour: Blue
G. Gold or Silver: White gold :p
H. Height: About 164 cm.
I. Instruments you play: Um.. the flute. Badly.
J. Job title: Librarian, eRecords
K. Kids: 0
L. Live: Marrickville
M. Mother’s name: Are you going to steal my passwords? Anna
N. Nicknames: Kat, Kitten, Kitty, Trina (I don’t like that one, only certain people can get away with it), Whore (I have nice friends)
O. Overnight hospital stays: 0
P. Pet peeve: Only one? ONE?! Well, hmm. Noisy eaters (chewing, slurping, etc.)
Q. Quote from a movie: I’m into, uh, well, murders and executions, mostly.
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: A younger brother
T. Time you wake up: Ummmm between 6:30 and 7:30
U. Underwear: I wear it.
V. Vegetable you hate: Asparagus. But it’s been growing on me.
W. What makes you run late: Me.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: my jaw, my right hand, my neck, an MRI of my head.. yeh… that’s a lot around my head isn’t it.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Pasta is always delicious :p
Z. Zoo animal: Elephant

Day 22

Well as I start to write it’s 22:22 on the 22nd ..of the 6th. I know I have been quite bad at this blogging every day thang, and quite honestly I suspected I would be. I know there have been various memes floating around that I could probably do, and I could also draft some posts in advance, but lately I’ve been so tired I haven’t had the motivation.

Is it bad that I’m looking forward to this month being over so that I can just write when I feel like writing? I feel a little silly sitting here forcing myself to write something just because I said that I would. It’s not really achieving anything. I should be writing a proper post for every day. But to go from no blogging at all, to doing it every day was going to be hard, and I’m dealing with a few other things right now as well that are taking precedence.

I’m looking forward to July. Not much will change, but I will be writing here as I please, the ALIA Sydney blog will be back to normal, things at work will be a little more settled I think, my birthday will be over, and I’m going to Melbourne for the end of the last week of the month. I’d really like to have taken a proper holiday but time has come up so quickly and my boss will be on paternity leave so I’ll be acting in his role, and then uni starts back in the first week of August. There’s just no time for a longer break.

I think perhaps I should plan some sort of holiday for the end of the year. By the time I finish my research assignment I am going to need a holiday. Something involving cocktails and lying on a beach I think.

Right now all I want to do is sleep. On a beach, in bed, or anywhere.

Biting my tongue

I am not writing tonight. Well, I am writing to say that I’m not writing.

I got angry about something that happened online last night and I’m still … sort of angry about it now. Really I am alright, but every time I start to forge a post in my mind it morphs into something else, so it’s better if I just don’t start.

Now I know I don’t always stick to this, but sometimes if you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to not say anything at all.


I will come back to it in a way, one day, but I suspect readers of this blog need more of an introduction to the topic first.


I’m running out of titles for when I’m writing about nothing in particular. I will have to start coming up with something more original. Or abstract. Which is what I tend to do for passwords.

I would quite like to write about internet (and print) censorship/filtering in libraries because this piece in the Guardian has got my knickers in a knot about this again. I haven’t decided yet whether I will write it for the ALIA Sydney blog if I need to write another June post, or if I will write it here. Considering how it makes me seethe I suspect it might be safer to just write it over here, safely under my own name.

I’d also like to have another look at the whole “Unlibrary” concept, after being introduced on twitter to @raliel who runs a portable bookshop in the UK. Add to my to-do list.

Instead, today, I have sorted out a lot of papers that have been cluttering my room for months. I hate not having any proper storage space for this sort of thing any more. While it would be nice to, oh, just burn all this stuff about superannuation etc. I should really keep it. I also finally read ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver. Now I know this wasn’t even mentioned in my 5 books meme that I blogged about the other day, but I’ve borrowed a few books from the other apartment that I want to get through before I have to hand them back. So I read the whole book today. Ok I skipped a few pages (blah blah blah) but it was mostly interesting. I remember it being so popular but I never actually paid much attention to what it was about.

I finished reading Junky last night and I know I was meant to start on Stephen Fry next, but the other books I borrowed are Sick Puppy – Carl Hiaasen; The Big Sleep – Raymond Chandler; In Cold Blood – Truman Capote; Haunted – Chuck Palahniuk; and Rant – Chuck Palahniuk. So I’m not sure which one I’ll start on next.

I also just watched ‘Hanna‘. I don’t think I’d heard of it but I stumbled across the movie and it sounded interesting so I added it to my list. Perhaps it wasn’t necessarily what I needed to watch on a Sunday evening, but it was… interesting. I’m not sure if I enjoyed it. Enjoyed is probably the wrong word. Maybe 2/3 of the way through I thought it struck me as remarkably similar to something else, and I was disappointed when I knew exactly what the last line was going to be. I HATE that. Don’t be so predictable. Really, if you can’t come up with an original idea then DON’T MAKE THE MOVIE.

Seems so simple really.

Just stuff

I don’t grind my teeth but I clench my jaw in my sleep and I wear a plate most nights (so sexy I know) but lately it has been so bad that even my teeth have been hurting. So I woke up around 7 this morning because my mouth hurt. Well, my whole head hurt. And my neck. And into my shoulders. If someone could somehow get rid of this tension in my face that would be great.

Then just past 8 there was a knock at the door because they’re checking all the smoke detectors in our block today. Yes. Between 8 and 9 am on a Saturday, those bastards. At least the man was very polite and said he hated having to come around so early. It was all over very quickly and the detectors are working fine.

I went back to bed for awhile but then gave up and had breakfast. Eventually swapped PJs for clothes (well, leggings and a hoodie) and went to Broadway briefly. I couldn’t find what I was after but came away with a couple of things anyway (this is why I have no money damnit).

Went to the Glebe apartment to pick up my laptop and some clothes I left there, and decided it was a nice day so I’d take the book I was reading and go up the road and have a coffee for awhile. This would have been more pleasant had it not been quite so windy, but anyway I’ve almost finished with Junky now.

Afterwards I drove back to my place. It took FOREVER to drive along Glebe Point Road. Having driven GPR a number of times recently I have noticed that people are even more ridiculous and stupid along there than, say, along King Street, Newtown. I don’t know what it is, but it really brings out the moron in people. REALLY. Which is a shame because I really like Glebe and would love to live there. Maybe it’s not the locals who are complete idiots though.

Since I’ve been home I’ve cleaned out my car (but not actually cleaned it), done some washing, and now here we are. I need to do some cleaning and go to the gym, but at the moment I’m just chillin’ and browsing around the internet.

Tonight there are 2 housewarmings and a bday party to go to. Since one housewarming is in the next street over I foresee getting there and never leaving.

There is just something about June that is so ridiculously overly social that I don’t get … It’s winter. WHY SO MUCH GOING OUT?

Next week is my birthday and maybe I will skip my own celebrations and stay home in front of the heater.