Ice Skating

Last night was our first ice skating lesson. I tried to write this post last night when I got home, still excited but totally exhausted, but the internet just wouldn’t connect on my computer.

It was pretty awesomely exciting. Our instructor’s name is Slav, and he has been a skating champion from Russia, as well as training a host of champions. Now he is training us and what a challenge we are.

Sadly this is the only photo that I took – I think next week I will try to get a picture of all the signs at the rink that essentially say NO FUN (but including ‘no photos’):


The class itself only goes for half an hour but it moves at a really fast pace. There is no waiting for anyone to keep up, we all just keep moving. So we started off with little steps and just moving forward, and by the end of the class we could turn, and skate out and in, and we could fall over and get up again. Kinda. Once one person had fallen he made us ALL fall onto the ice so he could show us how to get up again. For some reason I really struggled to get back up so I need to work on that or just never fallen again.

After the class we did some free skating and for awhile I felt my old skating rhythm coming back, but the more tired I got the worse my style was getting and then I just couldn’t face any more. I think I have some pretty bad habits and I noticed that I really only properly push off with my left leg, but maybe with the classes making us take little steps I will be able to learn to use my right one finally.

After a stuff up with the trains once I got to the city, I didn’t get home till really late so I was completely exhausted by the time I collapsed into bed. So I love ice skating but these are going to be some very long Mondays. Still, I can’t wait for next week!



I’ve just come back in from what I would like to call a run, but was closer to a jog, and probably more like a walk. I am fairly certain that for the past 2 years my goal has been to be able to run 10kms, and neither of those times did I do it. Partly due to injury – injuries that then turned to lack of motivation to start all over again.

Last year I was doing really well with the couch-to-5-km app and then stuffed my ankle. So THIS year I’m on this mission again. Third time lucky and all that. I’ve started up with the app again, although I’m only up to week 3 and I’m sure I’ve been at this for 2 months. The problem seems to be that early in the week I am all EXERCISE YEAH and then by Thursday I start going out after work and on the weekends I collapse.

I much prefer “running” outside, but now that it’s dark the gym usually has to suffice. I wish I could be one of those people who goes for runs or to the gym at lunchtime. It would take away my guilt for never getting up early no matter how often I set my alarm, and would mean that after work I can just collapse into bed or a tequila cocktail. The problem is that I am one of those unfortunate souls whose face turns bright red at the mere suggestion of exercise and then stays that way for the next 3 hours or so. I’ve experimented with lunch time swimming (too wet), netball (too hot and violent), and walks (better).

I am terrible at team sports because I hate the feeling of obligation. I want to do sport because I want to do sport, not because I’m letting the whole team down if I don’t turn up one week. Or every week. Or just drop out. That doesn’t mean I hate group sports, just not activities where you need x number of players to beat the other x number of players.

At the end of the month I’m starting ice skating classes and I am super excited. I always wanted to have classes but it was too expensive and too far from home. I was always super jealous of the kids who got to do ice skating for school sport. The funny thing is that I have a pair of pristine white figure skates. My relatives bought them for me for Christmas last time I was in Sweden and they’ve hardly been used. I very nearly sold them but now I’m glad I didn’t. Now I can look completely ridiculous with my beautiful skates as I struggle to stay upright.

My next plan is to go back to swing dancing. I only did a few classes of partnered dancing, and I think only one (or two?) of solo dancing. I believe from June the solo dancing is moving to a better time for me so I’m planning on going back. It’s super fun and I’m not too ridiculous at it. I like that there are the steps but then you just really put yourself into the moves so for the most part it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit unco.

So hopefully this year I’ll be a bit happier and healthier again, providing I stay injury-free. No slicing body parts open with ice skates, and I’m watching my sore knee carefully as I walk/jog. I definitely feel happier the more I do it and I’m trying to regulate my moods naturally for now so I just have to keep going. So please don’t be offended if I say no to coming out because I need to go for a run – sometimes I just HAVE to.