Just stuff

I don’t grind my teeth but I clench my jaw in my sleep and I wear a plate most nights (so sexy I know) but lately it has been so bad that even my teeth have been hurting. So I woke up around 7 this morning because my mouth hurt. Well, my whole head hurt. And my neck. And into my shoulders. If someone could somehow get rid of this tension in my face that would be great.

Then just past 8 there was a knock at the door because they’re checking all the smoke detectors in our block today. Yes. Between 8 and 9 am on a Saturday, those bastards. At least the man was very polite and said he hated having to come around so early. It was all over very quickly and the detectors are working fine.

I went back to bed for awhile but then gave up and had breakfast. Eventually swapped PJs for clothes (well, leggings and a hoodie) and went to Broadway briefly. I couldn’t find what I was after but came away with a couple of things anyway (this is why I have no money damnit).

Went to the Glebe apartment to pick up my laptop and some clothes I left there, and decided it was a nice day so I’d take the book I was reading and go up the road and have a coffee for awhile. This would have been more pleasant had it not been quite so windy, but anyway I’ve almost finished with Junky now.

Afterwards I drove back to my place. It took FOREVER to drive along Glebe Point Road. Having driven GPR a number of times recently I have noticed that people are even more ridiculous and stupid along there than, say, along King Street, Newtown. I don’t know what it is, but it really brings out the moron in people. REALLY. Which is a shame because I really like Glebe and would love to live there. Maybe it’s not the locals who are complete idiots though.

Since I’ve been home I’ve cleaned out my car (but not actually cleaned it), done some washing, and now here we are. I need to do some cleaning and go to the gym, but at the moment I’m just chillin’ and browsing around the internet.

Tonight there are 2 housewarmings and a bday party to go to. Since one housewarming is in the next street over I foresee getting there and never leaving.

There is just something about June that is so ridiculously overly social that I don’t get … It’s winter. WHY SO MUCH GOING OUT?

Next week is my birthday and maybe I will skip my own celebrations and stay home in front of the heater.


Saturday at last

I always planned to start a blog earlier (I mentioned this particular one has been here since 2009) but so many questions stopped me:

What would my first post be about?
Would it be personal or industry related?
Should I make it private?
Would anyone actually read it?
What would happen if I ended up in some cyber bitch fight?
Will people think I have terrible writing?
Will I keep it up for more than a week?

I suspect that a lot of people ask the same questions and I’m still not sure I’ve got answers for myself. I decided that the Blog Every Day of June challenge gave me a way to just leap in and avoid thinking too much about my first post. I no longer had to choose between some deep and meaningful introduction or a witty opening one-liner.

My plan for the blog (in as much as there is a plan) is that it will lean towards the library side of things, but for most of June at least I have too much reading to get through to do much intelligent writing of my own perhaps. This gives me an opportunity to write about myself, find a style, and you can all get to know me. Especially anyone who is only used to following what I say in snippets of 140 characters or less.

A private blog? Crazy talk. Years ago I had a private Live Journal. Three people had access. Secrets got out and it lead to a giant bust up of friendships and betrayals of trust. Nothing anywhere is secret, particularly online.

Will anyone read this? Ummm. Well that remains to be seen. It would be nice and feedback is helpful, but I just need to write more than I need people to read. As I type this I have 1996 twitter followers. 1996. Those crazy fools, whatever are they thinking? So, I think if I need attention from anyone I can go seek it over there.

Cyber bitch fights? Seriously, they’re so 2003. Or something. Internet forum days. Mind you I’ve seen some happen on blogs and from “Social Media Experts” at that. I’m a Librarian, I don’t have beef with anyone. Ahem.

Will people think I have terrible writing? Possibly. I know I tend to ramble. I did start off as an Arts student you know. I can write essays, reports, minutes, emails, tweets, etc., but I’m only new to this whole blogging thing so I’ll get there.

Keep this up for more than a week? WHAT? NO ONE TOLD ME JUNE WENT FOR A WHOLE MONTH, INTERROBANG. I make no promises. I’ll get through June and then try to come up with a PLAN. If you have any suggestions of any tips for managing a blog then I certainly welcome them.

So that’s that. I’m sure I’ll have more questions that I come up (WHAT was I THINKING?!; Why does WordPress HATE me?) as I go along.

Day 4 done. Coffee glugged. Time to get me to the post office and see which parcels await me there!